Central Coast Ride Sharing

Central Coast Ride Sharing

Central Coast Ride Sharing

Central Coast Ride Sharing

Your Ride: Skoda Superb Station Wagon

Your Driver: David Braunstein

Uber XL Rates

  • Base Fare: A$4.00
  • Per Minute: A$0.60
  • Per Km: A$2.30
  • Cancellation Fee: A$10
  • Card Service Fees: A$0.55
  • Minimum Fare: A$12.00

Payment by cash or Credit Card

Drop off and pick up the kids

If you can’t make regular drop off or pick up or if you need the children transported to after school activities.

(Child Seat or Booster seat available)

References and Police check available on request

Shopping support

I’ll take you to the shopping centre and bring you home. I’ll even help you shop if you need assistance.


Medical and Hospital appointments

If you need to visit the doctor, hospital for treatment or allied health appointment , I’ll get you there and home again.



I’ll get you to and from Sydney airport. generous luggage compartment & roof racks available. I can even assist with extra luggage such as skis, surfboards, golf clubs etc.


Special Events

If you’re  planning a night out or special event for a group of up to four people,  I can get you there and home safely and you’ll save the hassle of parking and you can have a few drinks and enjoy your outing.

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Contact, if you have any questions